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Laura became a company director in April 2011, bringing with her many years of design experience to help grow the company into a fully-rounded agency. Her design skills were developed over the years in both print and digital agencies, and further honed on a freelance basis to cover front-end development, enabling her to appreciate the entire process. Nowadays she heads up the creative and marketing team, whilst still getting her hands stuck in when required. She gets a real buzz from pushing things that bit further to see a splash being made, and getting us noticed within the industry.

Laura loves to travel and see the world, but when home she quells the wanderlust with time outdoors in the garden or visiting nature hotspots. If that doesn’t work there’s always yoga!

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3 essential resources for developing responsive emails

By on October 15th In In Development

For anyone pulling their hair out wondering where to start with responsive emails, here are the 3 top tools that proved invaluable in developing ours.

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The shape of things to come

By on July 10th In In News, Technology

20 years ago a report in the Telegraph magazine predicted big things for a new “digital age” to come. So compelling was it that friends Chris and Dave decided to ditch their manufacturing management course and take up computer studies instead. 10 years later they went on to set up 1973 Ltd and another 10 years on we’re now celebrating a decade in business! So with all these neat round numbers we wonder, was it fate, and just what was so inspiring about this article?

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1973 turns 10!

By on July 5th In In News

July 2014 marks the 10 year anniversary of 1973 Limited! We can’t believe how quickly a decade has passed, and yet, as we look back over our time in business we realise how much has changed during this time. In fact, it still amazes us to think that the web itself is only 25 years old! So whilst we’re feeling all nostalgic we thought we’d share a few key moments in the 1973 story…

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