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Chris started out his digital career in 1982 on a Vic-20 where his love for all things computerised flourished. Having studied Computer Studies he found multimedia was his thing, adoring the endless possibilities of combining visuals, animation, video, text and sound. A developer at heart with a love of creative programming and problem solving, creating a solution to a complex problem makes his heart sing. Chris co-founded 1973 Ltd in 2004 along with Dave, naming the company after the year they were both born. 20 years in the industry with a huge passion for it, and still going strong!

Chris loves gaming, motorbikes, acoustic guitar, music, art, running, being the father of 2 little people and cheese!

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A or B? That is the question.

By on July 17th In In Email marketing

A/B split testing is a great feature of email automation allowing you to test variations in design or content to determine the most effective for your audience. When applied to a subsection of your target contacts, the most successful variation can then be deployed across your entire list, ensuring a better conversion rate. Here’s a case study of how we’ve used it recently…

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