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Adrian Bright

Adrian is a savvy Front End Developer at 1973 with over 18 years’ experience in design and web development. During this time, he has gained a varied skill set having worked with animation and email as well as developing an enviable web toolkit.

Working with many blue-chip brands, both in-house and through agencies, he has continually pushed the boundaries, always searching for new and interesting techniques to take it just that little bit further. He loves to learn new frameworks and push best practice!

Adrian is a true Air-Cooled classic VW fan and enjoys going to VW shows around the country. He also owns an ex German Fire bus and classic beetle.

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Litmus Live 2017 – 5 key learnings for developers


As a keen developer with many years’ experience, I like nothing more than staying ahead of the game and keeping up-to-date with the latest developments.  Always on the lookout for new ways of doing things to help save time, deliver quality results and provide an excellent user experience, that’s what it’s all about and why […]

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Creating an Animated GIF for Email


Frustrated by the lack of engagement your emails are gaining?  Concerned they’re getting lost in the crowd?   Email is an integral part in today’s busy marketing world, no surprises given it attracts one of the highest ROI in the digital arena, yet grabbing the attention of your prospects is no mean feat.  With inboxes […]

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Using Web Fonts within Emails


Do you find using fonts in email a bit limiting? When you have a great design do you find yourself playing it safe, always choosing a web safe font, like Arial, which then lacks impact? People often assumed that using fonts within email can be quite restricting compared with websites but it needn’t be. This […]

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